Cassie Floan

Contact Info

(828) 712-1510 or (828) 678-3352




Flexible with advance notice. For specialized lesson plans, I prefer at least a week’s notice to prepare and gather materials.

Groups I Can Work With

Substitute teaching (I am registered as a sub in Yancey County); After school programs; Artist’s residencies in schools; Home school groups; Private art classes; Special needs groups; Public workshops

Areas of Interest/Specialties

I enjoy all types of media. After the basics – color, paper, scissors and glue – we can create something out of recycled material, reuse of old fabrics and yarn, practice math with patterns, study printmaking, or step outside to work with nature. I am interested in projects that allow the student to embrace their own work and are equally proud of their peers.

I am open to traveling the world through art and tying your curriculum standards into any lesson. From the fundamentals, the historical and aesthetic points, I appreciate discussion as much as creating in the classroom environment.

Collaborative projects, like murals and creating stories, are possible for longer, residency style opportunities. I also have experience working with HS students and young adults on portfolios and the business side of an artist’s life. If you have something specific in mind or would like to discuss new opportunities for your group or students, please call or e-mail!

Teaching Artist Statement

At an early age, my passion for communicating an emotion was most effective through photography. This passion has evolved to an array of mediums and my love of understanding people has only increased. My inspiration now comes from my two children and seeing the possibilities of their future. Wanting to share this compassion with others in the local community, I hope to reach as many people as possible.

I teach because it allows me to witness magic. I teach through art because art provides the freedom to explore and experience something uninhibited. My goals are to assist in connecting students to the world around them through their senses, dialogue, and by example. Experiencing materials, problem solving, and exploring the unknown through topic-based education are all bridges I enjoy crossing with each new lesson.

Sample Lesson Plans

2nd Grade – Pacific Garbage Patch
2nd Grade – Feel the Vibrations – Thumb Pianos
3rd Grade – Coral Reef

Artist Bio/Resume

I’ve lived in WNC for the better part of 15 years. I attended the University of North Carolina at Asheville and earned a BA in photography and a Teaching License for Art K-12 in 2003. After spending a year as an Interim Art Teacher at Asheville High, I moved to Ohio and earned a MA in Art Administration from the University of Akron with a focus on non-profit programming. More recently, I devote my time between these passions, working with arts programming for non-profits and as a teaching artist in the schools through the Toe River Arts Council Residencies, Penland School of Crafts SwS Program, and Kids Camp.