Teaching Artist Profiles

Ocean PixMeet the Teaching Artists

Teaching Artists bring engaging arts experiences into the classroom and beyond. To learn more about the wonderful teaching artists who work with our program, visit their profiles below.


Alena Applerose

Teaching artist with a passion for making innovative objects with recycled/repurposed materials.

Pat Benard

Experienced art teacher with an interest in introducing students to new techniques and art processes.

Melisa Cadell

Ceramic artist, experienced art educator, leading workshops in diverse visual arts media.

Cassie Floan

Environmental artist, passionate art educator, with a focus on diverse visual arts experiences.

Britt Kaufmann

Writer and poet, experienced classroom teacher, with intense interest in encouraging students to write and edit their work.

Sherry Lovett

Storyteller, educator, bringing stories to life through engaging hands-on activities.

Sam Maren

Appalachian Folklorist and experienced teaching artist specializing in storytelling, traditional instrument and toy making, and Haiku poetry.

Amy Weinmeister

Dancer, writer, environmental educator, and experienced classroom teacher, encouraging students to explore science through multiple arts media.