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Subs with SuitCASEsCreative Approaches to Substitute Education – serves our community’s need for well-trained, highly-prepared teaching artists who deliver outstanding arts-based education to K-12 students.  Equipped with a suitcase stocked with art supplies, Subs with SuitCASEs teaching artists are fully prepared to provide a wide range of art activities in our community. Teaching artists work in a variety of formats. Visit their individual profiles to learn more about their teaching philosophy, media, and which formats they are available to offer. Possibilities include:

Classroom Teaching and Support for Teachers – Penland works with teaching artists to create arts-based, curriculum-inspired lesson plans that enliven classroom learning. These two-hour art workshops engage students in the exploration of topics including: life cycles; astronomy; oceans; weather; folktales; mythology; plant growth and more through the lens of poetry, creative writing, drawing, painting, felting, collage, song, drama, bookmaking, sculpture, embroidery – the list goes on! In Mitchell County, teaching artists work with all 2nd and 3rd grade students, conducting 15 two hour sessions in every classroom. These lesson plans are available to Yancey County teachers by request for mini-residencies in classrooms. Yancey teachers – to request lessons in your 2nd or 3rd grade classroom, contact Stacey Lane or Holly Phillips at 828-765-2359.

Substitute Teaching – Ready to implement educational activities left by teachers, these teaching artists can spontaneously integrate art activities into the prepared lesson plan, and – with advance notice – they can plan special art lessons that tie directly into the current curriculum.  Drawing on the magical qualities of the suitcase, an icon of possibility and anticipation, substitute days turn into creative opportunities that enliven curriculum and engage students with multiple learning styles – resulting in memorable time well spent. Every sub must complete the official approval process for subs in their county of service.  Subs with SuitCASEs teachers are compensated by the school system at the standard rate, and when they offer art as part of a substitute teaching day, they are provided with an additional $50 stipend through Penland to offset materials and time planning special art activities.

Afterschool Programming – These teaching artists are open to working with afterschool programs to teach new techniques, or plan projects to compliment the program’s goals. You may approach them individually to explore what is possible!

Work with Special Needs Populations – These teaching artists have experience with and interest in working with groups with special needs.

Private Art Instruction – These teaching artists are interested in private instruction both for individuals or small groups.

Workshops for Clubs or Community Organizations – These teaching artists can collaborate with you to design a special arts experience for your club or group.

Working with Teaching Artists

Please note: The teaching artists in this directory are professionals. When planning for an activity outside of Penland sponsored programs, we suggest that the pay rate be at least $25/hour for teaching, and also include paid planning time for designing special activities. Materials costs should also be budgeted, and will vary depending on the activity. Penland has a lending library of tools through Community Collaboration that can help make a wide variety of activities possible. If you would like help envisioning a project or planning a budget, please feel free to use us as a resource by contacting Stacey or Holly at 828-765-2359.

About Subs with SuitCASEs Teaching Artists

Participating teaching artists are all professional studio artists who also have experience working with children. Penland provides training and support for teaching artists in their work with youth, including: Hands-on professional development workshops; Mentorships with experienced teaching artists; Background checks through the Rural Education Partnership and Mitchell County Schools; Ongoing evaluation and feedback of Penland sponsored work in schools; Ongoing staff and peer support through Penland’s Teaching Artist Network and The Arts Matter, a group dedicated to helping further arts education in Mitchell County. To learn more about Subs with SuitCASEs teaching artists, visit our Teaching Artist Profiles. To learn more about what’s been happening in the classroom, click here to check out the Subs with SuitCASEs blog. For additional information, contact

Teaching artists listed in this directory are independent contractors, and this directory is provided as a service to connect teaching artists and organizations or individuals seeking their services. Penland is not responsible for programming when teaching artists are contracted directly by organizations or individuals.


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The mission of Penland School of Crafts is to support individual and artistic growth through craft.

Penland’s programs engage the human spirit which is expressed throughout the world in craft. Penland enriches lives by teaching skills, ideas, and the value of the handmade. Penland welcomes everyone–from vocational and avocational craft practitioners to interested visitors. Penland is a stimulating, transformative, egalitarian place where people love to work, feel free to experiment, and often exceed their own expectations. Penland’s beautiful location and historic campus inform every aspect of its work.


This project was supported by the N.C. Arts Council, a division of the Department of Cultural Resources.

Funding for this program was provided by The Community Foundation of Western North Carolina. The Community Foundation is a nonprofit organization that serves the 18-county mountain region by promoting and expanding regional philanthropy and making grants to nonprofits in the region.