Taking Purposeful Risks

Students are afraid of taking risks because they’re afraid of failure. But without taking risks they can’t challenge themselves – they can never really succeed. We give them a challenging project in a supportive environment so that they can experience the reward of pushing themselves beyond what they thought they could do – and succeeding. Every child finishes a book.







A student proudly displays his finished pop-up.


“I was surprised that I could make my figure pop up. You feel like you just can't do something and then you find you can!” - 4th grade student
















A 4th grade student works on assembling her book.


“I was amazed at how compliccated the books are - it's not just one or two steps to putting them together. I don't think I would ever would have tried something so complicated.” - 4th grade teacher
















Students create paintings that become the covers of their books - and also special pages inside. Students often paint the world they see every day, like this field with grazing cows against the backdrop of our mountains.


“I liked challenging myself to draw new things - like cows.” - 4th grade student
















Sharing their finished books - and favorite pages - with the rest of the class is a highlight of the project for many students.


“I was surprised that my classmates thought my work was good.” - 3rd grade student