Practicing Persistence and Discipline

We give students high-quality materials, adequate time to work, and projects that are engaging. We encourage students to “hang in there” with a mistake, reworking it until they’re satisfied. Projects are challenging enough to improve students’ skills and give them a genuine sense of pride in accomplishment.







A student begins the complicated work of assembling all the parts of his book.


“There are lots of steps and they really have to work and concentrate – it’s harder than it looks.” - 4th grade teacher
















A student proudly displays his finished book.


“At first I thought we’d never get done but then at the end I was proud of the work.” - 3rd grade student






















Book sewing is one of the most complicated parts of the project. These two students teamed up to work together on the task.


“The sewing was hard, but it was my favorite part. I liked helping others once I figured it out.” - 4th grade student
















A 10th grader does meticulous work binding his book together.


“I really like how some people bound their books – the ones with the criss-cross and the braided cord. That’s a lot of work. Some people were really feeling it.” - 10th grade student