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Teaching Artist Initiative

Mission and Guiding Educational Goals

The Teaching Artist Initiative crafts powerful and creative learning experiences for children.

We believe tha our most important learning is relational - motivated by that for which we have love and curiosity. We implement the following learning skills to connect children to their lives right where they live them, so they can come to know themselves as capable contributors to the many communities of which they are a part.


Teaching Artist in the Schools

Penland Resident Artists

As the sole program of its kind in western North Carolina, the Teaching Artist in the Schools program is a model project that integrates the arts into the education and lives of K-12 youth. Penland works in close collaboration with Mitchell County Public School teachers and principals to provide curriculum-integrated arts opportunities to over 500 rurally-based, underserved students in our Appalachian region each year. Assisted by classroom teachers and her teaching artist assistant, Penland's professional teaching artist Meg Peterson instructs 3rd, 4th, and 10th grade students in how to paint, fold, bind, illustrate, and write in handmade journals and books that support specific units of study.


This facet of the Teaching Artist initiative not only teaches students new artistic skills and means of expression; it supports students and their teachers and principals by engaging multiple learning styles, helping fulfill the NC Standard Course of Study, and enriching school culture by promoting confidence and self-esteem among students of all backgrounds.


Moon and Sun Journals


North Carolina Journals


Family Culture Research Project


Dual Enrollment Craft Study Program

Program Staff

Stacey Lane

Community Collaborations Manager



Meg Peterson

Teaching Artist


Shannon Moon

Teaching Artist Intiative Program Manager