Fostering Wonder, Joy and Satisfaction

Wonder is the threshold through which personal commitment arises. Brains work better in safe, joyful classrooms. We ask students to take close notice of the world around them and to celebrate their attention. Satisfaction with one’s work is one of life’s greatest gifts; those who enjoy learning will be lifelong learners.







Students often say the painting is their favorite part of the project - using their fingers, using new tools, and especially getting to paint whatever they like.


“When you're creating art you learn just what a mind God has.” - 4th grade teacher
















Students observe the moon every night - and then record their sometimes surprising observations in words and art, like this collage.


“I saw a fingernail moon and I could see the outline of the whole moon too - the teacher hadn't told us about that!” - 3rd grade student





















Making these books is difficult, complicated work - and students are extremely proud of the finished products.


“I never worked on such a big project before. I'm proud to have a book of my own that I can look back at and remember fourth grade.” - 4th grade student


















This sophomore enjoys the rare opportunity to work with his hands (and power tools!) in English class.


“Some days I was even looking forward to coming to class to work on this book.” - 10th grade student