Exercising Thinking Skills

Reflection, working memory, flexible thinking, sequencing, careful choice-making, pattern identification – these are some of the thinking skills that are practiced through making a book and self-directing the learning documented in it. Following one’s own questions, reflecting on one’s actions and wisely applying information and instructions are essential life skills embedded in each student’s experience.







This 4th grader is very focused on her painting of a North Carolina scene, fully immersed in the work at hand.


“Take time to think before coming to paint and while you're working in your book.” - advice from a 4th grade student for next year's class






















This third grader works on assembling her book - a very complicated process with many steps.


“There were a lot of directions to follow for making the cover of the nature journal.” - 3rd grade student






















Students have a hard time knowing what to write about when clouds prevernt them from seeing the moon. We encourage them to write about what they hear and feel. . . and smell.


“It was hard to know what to write when we didn't have a specific assignment every night.” - 3rd grade student




















This student mapped out all the phases of the moon in his book. Observing this pattern is a revelation to many of the participating students.


“It was hard to learn so many facts about the moon - before this project I never really paid attention.” - 3rd grade student