Establishing a Community of Discovery

Students and teachers work on individual books, but they learn together in a community that’s encouraging, joyous, patient and flexible. All participants are co-discoverers who inspire each other. Students are thrilled to witness their teachers learning side-by-side with them. Creative inquiry nourishes new respect and empathy between classroom members.







The teacher participates with her 10th grade students - making her own book and sharing it with them.


“I was surprised that Ms. K [the teacher] is doing a book too, about her time at this school. I didn’t know she went to school here and that she was a basketball star.” - 10th grade student














Entire families came out for a Moon Viewing Party to kick off work in their moon journals.


“I was surprised by the participation of the whole family.” - 3rd grade teacher


















The student who painted this cover shared a very personal story about how he and his sister ran away from their abusive home through a Christmas tree farm.


“The more we got into it the more we started to learn about each other.” - 10th grade student















These students are happily working together to help each other create their pop-ups.


“I enjoyed watching kids make decisions about working alone or in groups on their research. They were comfortable working both ways.” - 4th grade teacher