Encouraging Sensory and Emotional Absorption

We believe in the embodiment of learning through multiple layers of engagement. The more layers of our humanity (our senses, intellect, body, emotions, spirit) that are attending to the task at hand, the more we gain from any experience. The physicality of art materials and the emotional investment we bring to art-making results in powerful learning of personal significance for each child.







Going outside at night, observing the moon, and sharing what they see with their classmates the next day - all make for students very involved in the learning process.


“It was hard to get to sleep after working in my Moon Journal because I was still thinking about what I saw.” - 3rd grade student














The students make their own scratchboard covers using gesso and India ink - and then scratch a nighttime image into the ink with sharp tools.


“I liked the sound of the scratching on the scratchboard.” - 3rd grade student
















Fourth-graders love having the opportunity to show everyone their special interests by making a pop-up version of themselves doing their favorite things.


“I like my pop-up because it shows who I am.” - 4th grade student
















Sophomores are encouraged to paint people or places that say something about who they are and where they come from.


“I don't really like school because I'm not good at it, but I did like this project. I don't know what I'm going to do about the poems and stuff but making the books and doing the paintings let me show who I am.” - 10th grade student