2016 Kenan Fellows

Penland welcomed 10 UNCSA alumni as Kenan Fellows during summer 2016. They participated in workshops in clay, drawing & painting, metals, printmaking, and textiles.







Anna Bumgarner

UNCSA, 2013


“Penland is a profoundly life-changing institution with all the seemings of a summer camp that was plopped on the top of a mountain in the middle of absolutely nowhere—and this place is otherwise known as heaven... I have met the kindest artists with gentle souls and fiery passions, each one of which is vastly different. Without a doubt the instruction here has been second to none, but I feel that some of the most insightful lessons I have learned here are the ones in-between meals with strangers.”


Anna took Painting Small & Often, a third session workshop on daily miniature painting with Brooke Rothshank.













Alexandria Chapman

UNCSA, 2016


“I've had a great and productive time here at Penland. Lithography has opened up new potential ways of creating for me and is both great for the kind of stuff I make and so full of different possibilities.”


Alexandria took Plate Lithography with Althea Murphy-Price during third session.











Kayleigh Effird

UNCSA, 2016


“I can say with the utmost certainty that this class I have taken at Penland has been the best art making experience I have ever experienced in my art career. The class has given me the opportunity to share my work and writing in an extremely positive environment. My time here has allowed me to gain confidence in public speaking and vocalizing my ideas.”


Kayleigh joined text with printmaking in the second session workshop Words & Images led by Stuart Kestenbaum and Susan Webster.












William Greene

UNCSA, 2014


“Penland put everything into perspective for me as an artist: I realized it has never been about the grades or passing some class...it's real! I'm head over heels for creating! Now I can feel totally comfortable in knowing that I'm here to learn because I actually care, not because I know I have to graduate.”


William took LUKE Haynes's fifth session textiles workshop, Seams Legit: Reconstructed Quilts.













Cullen Hodges

UNCSA, 2016


“I took a class on screen printing; I learned just about everything there is to know and even taught myself new things along the way. I had been away from an artistic environment for a long time so it was super important for me to be here. After this I will be making my own prints and hopefully set up my own studio for screen-printing. It’s my new found calling.”


Cullen spent sixth session in the print studio during Sage Perrott's workshop Screenprinting: Basics & Beyond.













Zoe Mathewson

UNCSA, 2012


"Having just graduated with my BFA from RISD, I felt a kind of loss, wondering if I'd ever be able to find a place to create and be surrounded by a community of thoughtful artists. I found that here at Penland, and it has filled me with relif and the excitement to maybe one day return."


Zoe took Wearable Art & the Body with Michael Cepress during fourth session.















Mirjam Mueller

UNCSA, 2016


“I have formed amazing connections with people from all over the world, and I can't wait to see how their work develops and if we will someday meet again.”


Mirjam took Words & Images with Stuart Kestenbaum and Susan Webster during second session in the print studio.

















Troy Scully

UNCSA, 2012


“My time at Penland has been invaluable as it is the first time in my life that I have spent without any obligations outside of art-making, which has made it possible for me to fully focus on an entirely new medium that I would not have access to otherwise.”


Troy was part of Israel Davis's session five workshop Objects & Images in the clay studio.
















Hayley Vinson

UNCSA, 2014


“It has been so long since I have been able to be in such a cohesive community of artists and craftspeople that I had almost forgotten how inspiring it is. Everyone was constantly working to explore and improve and encouraging everyone around them to do the same. Each class drew inspiration from each other and it was really something to experience.”


Hayley joined Susan Brandeis in the textiles studio for her session one workshop Stitching as Drawing.















Skyla Ward

UNCSA, 2016


“I am ecstatic that I have had the opportunity to learn something new, and I will definitely be taking the things that I have learned from this class and applying them to my future studies... I will also be bringing back the connections and friendshps that I have made with the amazing artists and teachers that study and teach here at Penalnd.”


Skyla took Put a Ring on It! with Ruta Reifen during second session in the metals studio.