2013 Kenan Fellows

Nine UNCSA students and alumni were chosen to study at Penland in summer workshops in 2013. This year's Kenan fellows took classes in many media, including books and paper, clay, printmaking, textiles, and blacksmithing.



Chelsea Bednar

UNCSA, 2013


“When I visited Penland last fall, I fell in love with the campus, artists’ work, and dedication that radiates around, and knew I needed to study something new here. Taking Threads That Bind with Doug Baulos in the books and paper studio has opened my eyes to the wonderful art of books. This class and Penland as a whole have exceeded my expectations. I now have a new skill to develop into my new work in various media. For the next four years, I will be attending UNCSA’s Scenic Design Program.”


Chelsea took Threads That Bind, Doug Balos's first session books and paper workshop.









Devin Lancaster

UNCSA, 2012


“I have greatly appreciated and enjoyed my time here at Penland. Working with clay, under the instruction of Kensuke Yamada, has been a new experience. I learned so much with the time I had to explore and play, strengthening my artistic knowledge. As I start upon a new year at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, the wisdom I gained here shall push me toward my dreams.”


Devin took Figuring Out, a first-session with Kensuke Yamada, in the clay studio.










Elizabet Puksto

UNCSA, 2013


“The past two weeks have been absolutely wonderful. Penland is such a magical place and I was so lucky to be part of it. Studying weaving opened a completely new perspective into my artistic studies. I have never experienced such a medium, but it was incredible to learn about such an ancient form of art. Learning how to weave increased my patience level tremendously…this will be extremely important for my career goals in the near future. This fall I will be attending UNCSA undergrad program for Set Design.”


Elizabet studied Weaving: Creative Explorations with Krishna Amin-Patel, first session in the textiles studio.









Shafer Brown

UNCSA, 2013


“Penland is an extremely unique environment…total immersion is quite effective. It provided me with many new media and ways of thinking. This experience will stay with me forever.”


Shafer took Shawn Decker's third session metals workshop, Sound & Light for Things.











Anna Mckinsey

UNCSA, 2008


“I’ve never been to a place quite like Penland and have never felt this type of creative energy before in a studio setting. The inclusiveness of this school (being able to talk about your work with peers, instructors, and residents in the same way – without hierarchy) has been a transformative experience. I want to bring this type of open dialogue into my work environment from now on. I also learned the value of using new media since I’ve been at Penland. I took a course that was completely foreign to me and I’ve totally fallen in love with clay!”


Anna studied Making Pots Particular with Susan Dewsnap and Paul Heroux, third session in the clay studio.
















Emma Whitlock

UNCSA, 2013


“I had such an amazing time and artistic experience at Penland; it’s truly unbelievable. I really enjoyed how open our instructor was to letting us work through the media in our way and time to find our own direction. It actually proved to me that I do have the work ethic to be independent and the drive and ability to make good art on my own. The class gave me a great understanding of the medium (printmaking) and how things exist on the 2-D plane. Also I feel that I made great artistic connections with others.”


Emma took Georgia Deal's' third session printmaking and letterpress class, Print Gumbo.












Austin Caskie

UNCSA, 2012


“Outside of Penland, I mostly worked two dimensionally, so being in such a dynamic three dimensional sculpture studio class was really a growing experience. The most important part of Penland for me was the people I met here. There is such a highly positive attitude towards making and learning here, it’s really inspiring. Every night almost you get to hear professional artists talk about their work and that has been a really powerful experience.”


Austin took Contemporary Forging, with Mike Rossi, fourth session in the iron studio.















Paige Berrier

UNCSA, 2010


The UNC School of the Arts has given me many gifts, but this experience has been one of the best. I feel very fortunate for the chance to learn from an amazing instructor like Jana Pullman without the worry of monetary costs. Even in this short amount of time, I have not only learned a vast number of technical skills, but am also filled with ideas for both the upcoming school year, as well as the rest of my artistic life. I definitely plan to incorporate books and boxes into my senior portfolio at Savannah College of Art and Design.”


Paige studied Boxmaking session seven with Jana Pullman.









Dylan Wignall

UNCSA, 2012


“Penland has been glorious. Here, standing amidst the spine of the Earth, I have thrown myself into work, into breathing and silence and joy. I cannot describe what it is like to carve until two in the morning, with the breeze on my back and laughter in my heart. How blissful the silence is, when the cars, trains, and even the studio are lost to the midnight dew! I will carry the silent bliss of Penland with me always, in my memories of those mountains and that field. My week there was a joyous reverie, a reaffirming of my artistic fortitude, and a calling to greater works.”


Dylan took Ukiyo-e: Japanese Woodblock Printing with Sam Chun during the seventh session.








Artist lecture and workshops with artist Rachel Mauser, January 2013


On January 22, 2013, Rachel Mauser, Penland Core Fellow, gave a slideshow presentation at UNCSA about her artistic career for UNCSA Visual Arts students, faculty, and guests. Rachel discussed her experience as an emerging artist, her recent body of work and her time spent as a Core Fellow.



Rachel Mauser is a multi-media artist. She holds a BFA in painting and art education from Murray State University. Rachel was a recipient of the Windgate Fellowship in 2011, which she used to attend workshops at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Penland School of Crafts, and Anderson Ranch Arts Center. In addition to drawing and painting, Rachel uses a variety of media to create artist books that are both sculptural and conceptual in nature. Her work has been shown at national and international art venues, including Penland School of Crafts, Murray Art Guild, and Hand Held Gallery in Melbourne, Australia.







Workshops with Rachel Mauser

On January 23rd, Rachel led two screen printing workshops with thirty-six first and second year visual arts students. Assisted by Penland Core Fellow Molly Spadone, Rachel guided the students in using stencils and monoprinting to produce a series of prints that revealed their personal artistic styles. Following the workshops, Rachel and Visual Arts Director Will Taylor led a critique which allowed students to verbalize their experience with screen printing, consider the strengths and weaknesses of their designs, and examine the role of printmaking within the art world and society.