2009 Kenan Fellows

Eight UNCSA students and alumni were selected to study intensively at Penland under professional artists in 12 different summer workshops in a wide variety of media in summer 2009.


These pictures of the students were taken at Penland by Lisa Gluckin.


Hannah BarefootHannah Barefoot

At Penland, Hannah pursued her interest in paper as a material in The Cutting Edge with Beatrice Coron, a first-session class that investigated modern approaches to cut-paper artwork, and studied papermaking in Mina Takahashi's Subjective Color, a third-session class about fiber and color.









Ariel ChornsbayAriel Chornsbay

Ariel explored the aesthetics and content of fashion in the Penland class Couture in Context with Lee Renninger during third session. The class created current-issue-oriented garments, combining traditional textiles and nontraditional materials like found objects, plants, building materials, and hardware.












Cynthia CukiernikCynthia Cukiernik

Cynthia chose a photography class, The Visual Narrative, with Shanghai-based National Geographic photographer Fritz Hoffman. She and her classmates created visual narratives through still photography, based on the approach of the traditional magazine picture story.













Alexandra GiannellAlexandra Giannell

Andrea took a mixed-media class with a focus on encaustic painting with Leslie Noell titled Musings, Matter & Cross-Pollination. She also explored individual expression and personal imagery in Finding Your Own Voice, a drawing and painting class taught by Frank Shelton.












Jackie LevinsonJackie Levinson

Jackie chose to focus on deepening her skills with oil paint as a medium in John Mac Kah's The Painter's Craft. The emphasis in this class was on the fudaments of oil painting, like grounds, pigments, mediums, supports, underglazing, paint application and glazing, and the class painted in the open air whenever possible.








Jonie Ray



Jonie Ray

Jonie tried classes in two very different media: Fantastic Flamework Fantasies with Brian Kerkvliet in the flameworking studio, and Sculpture in Felted Wool with Pamela Blotner in textiles.










Grace RennieGrace Rennie

Grace took a basketmaking class, called Baskets, in textiles with Billie Ruth Sudduth, and Toying with Creativity, a photography class with Michelle Bates, which focused on using the Holga, a tiny plastic camera with no adjustable controls.








Brooke Sinkinson Withro






Brook Sinkinson Withrow

Brook and her classmates explored the basics of the hot glass shop in Kiara Pelissier's Introduction to Furnace Working workshop.








2008 Kenan Fellows

Six students and alumni of UNCSA were chosen to study at Penland in 9 different workshops in media as diverse as photography, books, glass, clay, printmaking, weaving, and drawing in summer 2008.


These pictures of the students were taken at Penland by Lisa Gluckin.


Danelle BoskovichDanelle Boskovich

Danelle took Baskets, Boxes, and More with Sang Robertson, a clay class about hand-building vessels, and Tattoo You: Lithography on Skin, a special printmaking course where instructor Jessica H. Meyer taught how to design and make temporary tattoos.








Brianna Gribben






Brianna Gribben

Brianna chose MacArthur Freeman's The Figure in Space, a drawing workshop exploring both traditional and experimental approaches to drawing the figure.









Sarah LillySarah Lilly


In Wearable Books, Dolls, and Movement, taught by Susan Joy Share in the books studio, Sarah and her classmates created wearable books, bodyscapes, environments, and dolls, and in Edwina Bringle's Weaving Workshop in textiles, she learned basic loom skills and experimented with color, texture and pattern.











Charles PeeleCharles Peele

Charles and his classmates explored traditional and experimental approaches to drawing the figure in MacArthur Freeman's The Figure in Space workshop in the drawing studio.











Miranda PfeifferMiranda Pfeiffer

Miranda took two courses in the books studio: Exploring Bookness with Mindell Dubansky, which examined the history and essence of the book form by creating new book-shaped objects, and Susan Joy Share's Wearable Books, Dolls, and Movement, which started with the body as inspiration to create books and book-like objects that act as extensions of the body.








Jaclyn SenneJaclyn Senne

Jaclyn focused on a radical rethinking of exposure, chemistry, and printing in Alan Cohen's Black and White Photography workshop in the photography studio.











2007 Kenan Fellows

Nine current and former UNCSA students were selected to study at Penland under professional artists in 11 intensive summer workshops in 2007.


These pictures of the students were taken at Penland by Lisa Gluckin.


Hannah Claire Clayton (not pictured)

Hannah pursued her interest in hot glass in Translation: Ideas to Hands with Devin Burgess and Pablo Soto, a sixth-session class that investigated modern approaches to cut-paper artwork, and studied papermaking in Mina Takahashi's Subjective Color, a third-session class about fiber and color.




Jacob KincheloeJacob Kincheloe

Ariel explored wood carving in two consecutive classes in the wood studio: Contemporary Wood Carving with instructor Hunt Clark, and Figurative Wood Sculpture: Saints, Salamanders, Sphninxes, and Superheroes, taught by Susan Hagen













Ryan LecluyseRyan Lecluyse

Ryan chose to learn about etching, relief printing, monotype, silkscreen, and related processes in Hugh Merrill's fifth-session printmaking class, Print Conversations. This workshop also included a classwide collaborative portfolio exchange.









Victoria May

Victoria May

Lea took Phillip Sanders's fourth-session workshop in printmaking, Lithography: Stones, Plates & Color, which focused on the basics of creating multicolor lithographs.










Brooke RobbinsBrooke Robbins

Brooke joined an exploration of place-making as a means of personal expression and a way of engaging in communitiy in The Poetics of Place-Making, a fifth-session special class taught by Abie Harris and Christina Schmigel in the drawing and painting studio.











Sarah SearcySarah Searcy

Sarah studied the art of painting with hot wax and pigment on a variety of surfaces in Kristy Deetz' first-session Encaustic Painting workshop, and then took Artist's Books: Narrative/Text/Image, a second-session book arts class taught by Joan Lyons.









Geoff WilsonGeoff Wilson

At Penland, Geoff learned about alternative process photography in Dan Estabrook's Reinventing Photograpy, a third-session class that investigated historic approaches to making photographs, from cameras obscura and salt prints to silver, photograms, and pinhole cameras.











Courtney YoungCourtney Young

Courtney and her classmates made artists's books, sculptural objects, and installations using collage, mixed-media, painting, photography, and writing as they deconstructed and re-imagined the structure and purpose of the book in Radical Bookwoorks, a fifth-session workshop taught by Doug Beube in the books studio.











2006 Kenan Fellows

Five UNCSA students and alumni were chosen to study at Penland in 7 intensive workshops in summer 2006.


Brian Faini

Brian made Van Dye prints on artist papers and dry tintypes on metal using images shot with film and digital cameras in Old Media, New Vision, a third-session photography course taught by Alida Fish & Jeannie Pearce.


Cassandra Germano

Cassandra and her classmates worked together to produce a 9-1/2 foot flatt-bottomed skiff as an introduction tothe skills, techniques, and vernacular of wooden boat construction in Karen Wales's Fundamentals of Boatbuilding, a fifth-session workshop in the wood studio.


Alex Phillips

Alex took two consecutive alternative-process classes in the photography studio: Old Media, New Vision third session with Alida Fish & Jeannie Pearce, and the fourth-session Cyanotype & Gum-Bichromate Workshop taught by Sarah Van Keuren.


Sabrina Reed

Sabrina chose to focus on a variety of expressive approaches to a single technique in Mi-Sook Hur's Hinge Making: Stories in Small Boxes, a fifth-session workshop in the metals studio.


Danny Whitmer

Danny pursued his interest in intaglio printmaking first session in the advanced class Alternative Techniques for Intaglio with instructor Phillip Sanders, then learned how to translate drawings onto glass using enamel paints, silver stain, sandblasting, and engraving in Mark Angus's second-session workshop Stories on the Surface of Glass in the flameworking studio.