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We want to give everyone who will be at the retreat a chance to share before September. Here’s where you get to tell people what you’re paying attention to. Just send in something that has lit up your mind recently – an piece of writing, a link to a website, an image of sunlight on your soup – and tell us why you care about it.


We'll share your responses here as we receive them. Check back often to find out what your soon-to-be collaborators are interested, intrigued, attracted, or appalled by!


Mindell Dubansky

Eric Toensmeier’s urban perennial vegetable garden:



As a long-time resident of New York City, I came to gardening late. Not too long ago I had the chance to build a garden and also began to learn about permaculture. This year, I devoted my energy to putting in perennial plants like rhubarb, asparagus, sorrel and Jerusalem artichokes – the usual. Last weekend I took a class at a permaculture convergence on perennial vegetables and was amazed by the variety. Eric Toensmeier has recently published a new book showing 100 perennial edibles. At the workshop, I was able to see some of these, especially skirret, sea kale and rocket. Do you ever look at the garden like a big art supply store? Exposure to this new group can really add to your pallet. Eric has a number of You Tube videos of his unusual garden. I hope you will find this interesting and that fellow gardeners might meet and talk about gardening at Penland.


Suzanne Pugh


Gail Rieke

I would love to collaborate and journal and interact with as many
people and adventures as possible during my week at Penland...
if any of this is interesting to you, please let me know...


Beatrice Coron

What lit up my mind recently is this interview:



I am interested in techno-crafted wearables or dresses to address the need to play.


Richard Burkett

I’m currently working to sort some 12,000+ images and dozens of hours of video of Ecuador and pottery there, working to put a large amount of this information on the website above, along with video clips. I’ve been working with Joe Molinaro of EKU for over fifteen years on a project to document the rapidly disappearing pottery of the Amazon basin in Ecuador.


Winnie Radolan

From the Tai Gallery and featuring Japanese Bamboo Artists:


Paulus Berensohn

Saturday morning at the Post Office, a gift, a copy of

I could not put it down, enchanted by this romantic and intimate story of how two very young and penniless art students become each other's muse. It has reawakened the image in me of the evolution of the artist, as romantic, as beautiful and difficult, as a wonderful way to create a life.


Susie Ganch

Here is a magical image taken by my friend Christina Miller:

Teaching at Penland


























Alicia D. Keshishian

Dan Estabrook

I've been thinking about beauty and philosophy as I read


It made me go back and read this little post someone had sent me once:


And this: