Christina Boy

Penland Core Studio


Tina lives in Madison, Virginia. She works in her studio and picks up random side jobs to pay the bills when the studio work won't.


What years were you a core student?



Who were you a core student with?

When I arrived, Dana Fehsenfeld, Shane Darwent, Kreh Mellick, and Andrew Hayes were there. I spent the two wonderful years with Wes Stitt, Beth Schaible, Marianne Dages, and Joshua Kuensting. We left behind Jason Burnett, Jessica Heikes, Leah Frost, and Mark Warren.


Are you still in touch with any of your fellow core students?

I am not very good at keeping in touch. I do try to stay connected and keep up with what they are doing. They are dear to me.


What was your best moment as a core student?

There are so many good and fond memories – playing backgammon with Beth at Morgan, eating chocolate and drinking Blanton's with Jason while huddled on his bed watching Glee, sitting on the wood porch during a rainstorm, casting glass with David Chatt in his studio, and family dinners with the core at Morgan – to name a few.


What was your worst?

The morning i woke up and saw the tiny red spots all over my legs - I immediately knew that my ITP was back..…. I think that was the worst. Worse than mono, and sanding off part of my left index finger, which is still numb to this day.


What is your favorite spot on campus?

The woodshop, when it was just me and Steve Tengelsen.


What was your favorite meal at the Pines?

Mike Holand's lemon ricotta pancakes.


What was your least favorite?

Sandwich day.


Do you still have anything that you made as a core student? Or anything that you traded for?

I do indeed. I have prints and drawings, books, cups and bowls and mugs that I traded for. I look at them and use them daily.


What class you took had the most impact on you? Did you realize it at the time?

Vivian Beer's metal furniture class, Kathy Ortega's upholstery class, Roy Underhill's dovetailed chest class, Jonas Sebura's glass casting class - they all pushed me in different ways. Some helped demystify, some opened doors; all of them were incredible and I realized it sometime durning that class.


Is there something that you learned in the core program that you never expected to learn?

I learned to cook for a heck of a lot of people. Got skills there that i have been able to set to practice in the real world. Not just the cooking and planning meals part, but dealing with a lot of different and very difficult people. And being on such a low budget, you learn how to manage your money - which comes in handy now that I was laid off a while ago.


Tell us about someone you met through the core program who you'll never forget?

Besides all my core buddies who I love dearly, resident artist David Chatt became a very, very good and dear friend and mentor. My independent study with him was one of my favorite parts of my core stint. He is simply wonderful! And I will never forget him!!.


What are you doing today?

I am going to brandy some apricots i picked the other day, and pickle some radish from our garden. I also need to clean the house and get ready for the arrival of my new planer for the shop.


Fill in the blank: If I had never been a core student I would be somewhere else, wondering around aimlessly, instead of being married to the great Robert Turner who helped me build a shop of my very own.


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