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Penland emails out regular newsletters to keep our community informed about news and events on campus. Our sign-up form allows you to specifiy which of our four different newsletter lists you would like to join.


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Monthly Newsletter Updates


Our monthly newsletters share timely updates, photos, and interesting content with Penland students, instructors, artists, and community members. Subscribe to this newsletter for pictures from the Penland studios, information about upcoming workshops, posts about special events on campus, residency and scholarship opportunities, and neat tidbits from the craft world at large.


Auction Newsletters

Between January and August of every year, we send out regular emails in anticipation of our Annual Benefit Auction. These emails highlight the work and the artists that will be featured at the event and provide information about event schedules and ticket sales. They are a great way to preview some of the artwork before the full auction catalog is published.


Gallery Newsletters

The Penland Gallery sends out occasional updates about exhibits, featured artists, and upcoming events. Anyone interested in the wealth of fine craft produced by Penland's talented artist community and the many opportunities to view work at our gallery shows will enjoy these newsletters.


Penland Events List

These monthly updates keep the Penland community informed about public events happening on campus. Subscribe to learn about upcoming slide lectures, open houses, community celebrations, scholarship auctions, and more.