WWOOFING at Penland



The Penland Garden

The Penland Garden supplies fresh produce to Penland’s instructors, visitors, staff, and the roughly 1,400 students who come here every year to learn. Its location at the heart of campus enables close connections between the garden and the Penland kitchen and dining hall. Crops are grown with care using organic methods, and food waste from the dining hall is cycled back to enrich the soil as compost.


For more photos and information about the Penland Garden, visit:


WWOOFing at Penland

WWOOFers will work with Casara Logan, Penland’s head gardener, as well as Penland work-study students and resident student-artists. They will be responsible for seeding, weeding, transplanting, harvesting, and composting in the garden. Other projects may include the completion of a RAM Pump that was installed in 2016, cut flower production, and developing a relationship with the kitchen staff at the school, as they are the garden's clients. WWOOFers can expect to work approximately 25 hours/week in exchange for room and board. WWOOFers will live in Penland housing and will eat with our community in the Penland dining hall, which serves three freshly-cooked meals per day. Penland is accepting two WWOOFers at a time from May 1-August 12, with a preference for pairs of people who come together and can be here for at least a month. WWOOFers must be 18 or older to stay at Penland. Children and pets cannot be accommodated.



Most visitors to Penland describe their time here as inspiring, beautiful, motivating…and also intense. We are looking for WWOOFers who are willing and able to do active garden work approximately 5 hours/day, 5 days/week. You might be a good fit for the Penland Garden if you:

• Have an enthusiastic attitude


• Are willing to get dirty and work with compost


• Can work as part of a team


• Have an open mind and are eager to live in a diverse, accepting community


• Are self-motivated


To Apply

If you are interested in WWOOFing at Penland during the 2017 season, please contact Casara Logan with the following information:

• Employment history


• Farming or gardening experience


• Other relevant skills/experience (work with garden equipment, irrigation systems, construction/building, composting, photography, etc)


• Desired length and dates of stay


• What are your particular goals for WWOOFing at Penland?


• What do you enjoy most about gardening?

Application materials may be emailed to Casara Logan at:


The Penland Area

Our campus is located in a fairly remote, rural area in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. There are lots of opportunities for hiking, swimming, and biking, including a few trails right on the Penland campus. The surrounding area is rich with artists and independent studios; however, access to Penland studios is not available to WWOOFers. Spruce Pine, the nearest town, is 10 minutes away by car and is home to a large grocery store, a library, a few restaurants, a couple coffee shops, and a number of other small stores. Penland is located an hour by car from Asheville, NC and 2.5 hours from Charlotte, NC. Access to a vehicle is recommended although not strictly necessary. We can arrange to pick WWOOFers up from one of Penland’s regional airports.