Foreign Worlds, Private Places

Four artists exploring unfamiliar territories

July 26 - September 11, 2011

Christina Shmigel - "The City in Which I Love You: Da Shi Jie (Great World Sheathed)" - mixed media - 4500. - The six pieces presented in this exhibit are part of a larger solo exhibition from the Bruno David Gallery entitled This City, Daily Rising. Christina Shmigel’s first solo US exhibition since 2005, it was composed of three interrelated installations. Continually shifting between macro- and microcosmic views, the installations are emblematic of Shmigel’s play with scale and size, intimacy and monumentality, and create for the viewer something of the vibrancy & intensity of Shanghai (China), the city where she now lives and works. There is much in this exhibition that springs from the local knowledge of Shanghai but also much that speaks to more universal themes. How do we decipher and interpret experience, making meaning amidst that which is foreign to us? How do we come to know the world thru association and memory and projection? And, most importantly, the question that has always been central to Shmigel’s work, how do the inanimate things that we build and that we surround ourselves with, reveal the nature of our humanity?
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