Foreign Worlds, Private Places

Four artists exploring unfamiliar territories

July 26 - September 11, 2011

Keisuke Mizuno - "Untitled" - white earthenware - 2500. - "The new series I have been working on last several years is a huge departure from the previous series that I carefully refined over the ten-year period. The work is about the interaction of colors on geometric forms and about defining the positive and negative space. It is about the formal ideas rather than a certain subject. The original inspiration came from common brick masonry for houses, buildings and sidewalks. I was intrigued by the visual complexity created by various arrangements of simple shapes. The most recent forms are based on the shapes and proportion of common building supplies. These pieces are slip-casted. The slip-casting process creates a visual and conceptual separation from an actual object and its function. But they still retain familiar dimensions. It allows me to reexamine and experience the arrangement only visually. The purpose of colors is to accentuate or magnify the simplicity of a single form or the complexity of the overall arrangement. The inspiration came from how lights and shadows interact with colors and forms. Even though the series has evolved steadily, the work is still a concept in progress. That keeps me working and continuing the critical process of questioning my work." Curator’s note: Keisuke’s work has clearly taken a divergent path with his newest work “Untitled”. Perhaps this is also an example of the private, and unpredictable places in the artist’s mind – that he is able to depart so radically from his earlier work.
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