Foreign Worlds, Private Places

Four artists exploring unfamiliar territories

July 26 - September 11, 2011

Cristina Cordova - "Dulce" - ceramic sculpture, resin, black paper cutouts - not available for purchase - "The 1800's marked a shift in the depictions of the female nude as artists generated images of self aware, eroticized figures that no longer hovered in the realm of the symbolic or allegorical. These depictions spoke of a thinking feeling body, intentional and unapologetic. Inspired by the reclining figures of Goya and Manet, Dulce recasts the nude with a black protagonist. Used here as both a proper name and an adjective Dulce means sweet. The black figure floats in front of black symbols loosely inspired by the symmetrical shapes utilized by the Rorschach test designed to gage psycho-emotional functions in patients based on their free interpretation of the forms. In this case the shapes are representational and point to different episodes in the mythology of the character."
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